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ChatGPT for Twitter Marketing: Unlocking the Power of AI

Twitter bird tweeting with a megaphone symbolizing the use of ChatGPT for Twitter Marketing

In the era of digital marketing, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT can be a game-changer. One such application is using ChatGPT for Twitter marketing. This guide, inspired by a Twitter thread by Logan Storti, will provide a detailed tutorial on how to use ChatGPT for Twitter marketing. Understanding the Basics Before diving into […]

Mastering the Art of Creating Engaging Twitter Threads

Man reading a book on creating engaging Twitter threads surrounded by Twitter birds

Twitter, the social media platform known for its brevity and real-time updates, has evolved to accommodate more in-depth conversations. One such innovation is the concept of “Twitter threads.” These are a series of connected tweets from a single account, allowing users to go beyond the 280-character limit and provide additional context, updates, or extended points […]